April 5, 2009

Unfulfilled Love

Sometimes I think that the most fulfilling love is the one that is unfulfilled. I know it sounds weird in beginning but it’s true. I also took long to realize this little truth about love, as in really long, almost one entire age for love. The feeling of longing for your love is a lot more intense than the phase after you think you have got your love. When I look back, the most precious moments of my love with my husband are actually the ones before we got married when he chased me or the phase when he fought the hardships of convincing my parents for our marriage. May be this is the reason why most famous love stories don’t have happy endings, may be this unfulfilled love of theirs is what makes their story so immortal.
I also sometimes think that every person has at least one unfulfilled love hidden somewhere in their heart. This is what keeps their belief in love going. It is this longing which makes life painful and yet satisfying. The thought of it, may not come everyday but surely in those moments of solitude when only you can hear yourself or in those when you are so happy that even in spite of sharing it with all your near and dear ones, you still feel the joy a little incomplete or when you are so sad that you wish you had only that one person around, even if its only just for a brief moment.
This unfulfilled love doesn’t mean that all the other fulfilled love that you have lived or are your life today are not true. They are all true, in fact more real than the unfulfilled one which probably is just an imagination, fantasy or a search of not a person but of a feeling, a passionate love that you thought how it should be. You sometimes see it come to you or at least experience a glimpse of it but because it’s so beautiful that you are scared that if you get too close to it or if you let it touch you for long, the reality of your life might get disturbed. The reality which you believe will write your future therefore which cannot be negotiated at any cost.
I wish life wasn’t as complicated as this little piece of my writing sounds but unfortunately life is complicated. But I am glad that I realize this complication. I realize that some things are most fulfilling when they are unfulfilled and I don’t want to loose this one fulfillment.

If my thoughts trigger a thought of your own, do write a comment, I will be happy to read.


John F said...

Nice one there! It is ironic about "happily ever after" then isn't it? If you end up with the one you love, the spark dies and there is no happily ever after there, and if you don't end up with them then of course there can not be a happily ever after!

I personally believe in taking whatever I can from a situation, person, moment and enjoy it then and there without any hopes of long term "organic" growth.

But then I am one person (or many if you count my MPD) whose been told he is seriously wired weird.

The question that I want to ponder however is if you were given an option to chose from

a) Not be the one you love and have no happily ever after but keep that longing and belief in love alive.

b) Be with your love and let the spark die but then also lose that longing.

What would you chose considering there is no happily ever after anyways

John F said...

Oh by the way, there is another aspect of love


Anonymous said...

Nice blog it was a very happy ending. I really like all of your blogs. Keep on posting.

Ekta said...

I don't be believe love happens only once or with only one person...so i would choose both options..one to be with and one to long for :)))

ruby said...

Am a stranger for you and am here bcoz i also love blogging.
am totally agree with you bcoz sometime i also feel the same way

ashu's said...

its really true..........n nice work

JK said...

Sorry to spam you with my notes..Im kind of struck in amazement to see the kind of topics you have touched upon , I had ruminated a while abck, albeit not in a blogosphere but among my freinds in FB

AS and when I read your posts im reminded of my old ones..

Ekta said...

@Aashu, Thanks for liking my post. It is truly encouraging.

Ekta said...

@JK, Firstly thanks for reading my blog regularly.

Well, am not sure if it is good or bad to get such diversity in topics on your blog and not have an overall unifying theme. Basically i write about whatever i feel like. Lets see how it goes. I did read your post on FB. It is was nice, innocent and amusing...all in one. Well written.

JK said...

Thanks..The randomness adds to the spice..Keep it going..

umashankar said...

If everything is given to you, what would you yearn for?

That was an astute observation. You have captured the paradox well.

Ekta said...

Thanks Uma Shankar, Am glad you enjoyed the post

Anonymous said...

Its true its complicated...but yet its true.....its more romance in unfulfilled love than fulfilled one but then iguess all relationships are like that....atleast satisfaction will b more when u got wat u desire...!!

Anonymous said...

I think your thoughts on this are very true and I enjoyed the wonderful way you phrased your ideas. I agree that we all have at least one cherished memory of a special someone...And perhaps not what should have been but what could have been. A romantic is what your and I as well. Very well written and very lovely.

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