July 25, 2009

A syambar…isn’t that an interesting concept

These days I have been watching this reality show – Rakhi ka syambar. A syambar was a ritual mentioned in our epics where many princes went to the court of princess, where she used to choose the prince she would like to marry. Leave alone the content and review of the show but what got me fascinated is the modern interpretation of syambar in this show. Isn’t it interesting that many guys come try and impress you just so that you choose one of them to get married. I think even I would like a syambar but without the marriage in the end. I would just like to date all of them, give them tasks and then keep eliminating till I am down to just 3 or 4 left and that’s about it.
Actually who wouldn’t want this. We all know by now that Mr. right is just an idea in our mind and not a reality. No guy is actually perfect or the Prince charming as we have imagined. Each guy that we got attracted to in our lives has a glimpse or two of our Mr. Right but also lacked an aspect or two. So this syambar gives a chance of enjoying all aspects of our ‘prince charming’ but not through one but multiple guys. Now of course that happens in real life too but not at the same time. If one guy has some great qualities, a couple dates later, the not so great ones start surfacing. Yes, the winner in this idea is to get to experience all the things that we desire in our man through many men but at the same time as if it's one. I know this sounds a little whacko but think about it: a laughter riot lunch with this guy with most amazing sense of humor, a run in the eve with this sporty hunk and a candle light dinner, violins in the background, my little back dress and the most romantic guy. Now if one guy can’t have all of this- humor, sporty and romantic but I still desire all of this in the same day then why not all three. Now lets accept it, this does sound fun but of course minus the marriage.
Before I seem more and more weird, I think I should stop my imaginations here and stop watching too many reality shows.

Whether you find this silly or fun, do leave a comment, i will be happy to read.

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