July 27, 2009

Neev’s first day at school or was it mine???

The day before School:
Neev started his playgroup this June. I haven’t felt so nervous since a very long time as I felt the Sunday before his school. I went through the Parent instruction sheet multiple time to ensure I haven’t missed anything, checked his school bag three times. I counseled Neev since about a week before, about how exciting school would be- the toys, kids, games etc, just so that he has no first day fevers. I planned the day such that we are off to bed by nine (2 hours earlier than our otherwise bed time) and if you are a mother you would know this also needs pre-planning- early dinner, earlier afternoon nap, earlier morning etc. I had to keep reminding myself it’s not a school, it’s a playgroup and by mere definition it means, it’s a place where you come to play as a group but this didn’t reduce any anxiety. I was nervous as this was a new place for Neev, not just that this would be the first time, first place, where Neev would be alone without any one of us. Also what if he doesn’t like the school, he cries, other kids hit him etc etc.
On the school day:
We were the first ones to reach school, about ten mins earlier than we should have. Slowly kids started coming in and to my surprise the environment started getting more and more festive. I realized they were many more slightly nervous, slightly excited parents like me with their first child going for first day at school. There were dads and moms with cameras, pictures, new school bags, water bottles, etc.
First three days of school, mothers were allowed to sit in so I went and sat in the class room which was one empty room with colorful floor mat and lots of toys. With a microscopic eye, I scanned every corner where my son would now spend 2 hours of 5 days in a week. All kids sat together, sang a prayer, played with toys, sang rhymes, it was so much fun. It almost felt like I was back to school, only this time I remember my first day. As time progressed Neev got comfortable and I was getting a bit relaxed too. Just then appears this boy who tries to snatch a toy from Neev’s hand and Neev in no time hits him back. Now this is something I surely wasn’t prepared for. Happy, playful environment turns into howls of this other boy. I took few minutes to register what just happened and to figure out how I should react. I scolded Neev and asked him to apologize to the other boy. And thankfully that day Neev listens to me and actually says ‘sorry’. And I promptly smile as if I just got a ‘good parent’ award. But with this came home a worry that was this a sign that will Neev grow up to be will be a violent kid, who will hit other children in school. But here I would like to go with my husband’s theory that there are two kinds of kids, one who hit others and others who get hit, at least our son is not the one who gets hit. But reassuringly no hitting happened next day or even the days after and Neev is having a blast in his ‘play group’.

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