June 17, 2010

My second first beer!

My husband was traveling and I was feeling extremely low and lonely. No this is not about why I was low, that’s for another time. This is about something else, a first time experience of something by chance on a lonely weekend.
I was sunk into my laptop all day and the only time I emerged out, was for kiddy talks with my son, kiddy stories and even more kiddier games. Basically I was tired and bored. I hadn’t stepped out of home.
So when my son slept for his Sunday afternoon nap and I was about to have lunch, I opened the refrigerator for a Diet Pepsi. It was a hot Mumbai summer afternoon, something chilly would definitely do good to me. There was no Pepsi in the refrigerator and while I was shutting the door, in between the gap of the refrigerator and its door, I saw an inviting can of beer. Something inside me said why not!
I know you must be wondering what’s the big deal in having a beer. Well you are right; there is no big deal in having a beer. I had my first beer when I just passed class 10, many, many years back. That was my first sip of alcohol back then, so it was a big deal then, not now. Interestingly, it was kind of a big deal even now because this time was the first time I was having it alone.
I always associated beer with fun and friends, something chilled to chill around. So while I was opening the can of the beer, it reminded me even more of the fact that there is no one to have this beer with. I had the first sip of beer and here is when the story began twisting. The first sip of a chilled beer is so gratifying that nothing else matters. One can really feel it pass down from your lips, to the throat, to your entire body system. And as it passed down, it magically took away every bit of grumpiness from every bit of me. I enjoyed it all by myself and I felt happy. I loved the fact that I am loving it alone. I loved the fact that I didn’t need anybody or anything else to feel happy. I loved the fact that sometimes happiness is just a refrigerator away. Try it!


sam relan said...

Ah cheers :) I wish Priyanka reads this, and understands that how important is it to have a beer in the fridge!

Kim Pedersen said...

Where did you get the glass clipart ? Do you have it in an emty version you culd spare :)


well , cheers to life !!!

Ekta said...

@Rahul..Absolutely cheers to life and many more firsts. Thanks for stopping by.