October 1, 2011

You are beautiful!

I was at my son Neev’s school. A little American girl came to me and said ‘Neev’s mama you are beautiful’. I couldn’t stop my smile. I hugged her and said ‘Not as much as you’. All I know is suddenly I felt beautiful. A lot of people compliment us –friends, family, husbands, boy friends and colleagues, all the people who we know and matter. We get compliments at different places -parties, office, date, places and events which matter, where we have high stakes. But still some of the best compliments are the ones that you least expected or they are from someone your least expected. It is a special feeling when someone, mostly a stranger who has no selfish interest in making you happy, gives you a compliment. It simply feels genuine and honest. Many years back I got a similar compliment when I was doing a consumer group. As part of my job then, I had to meet consumers, young women and discuss with them about their idea of beauty. A woman then told me that ‘I want to be beautiful like you’. This again was this unexpected compliment that made me happy. It’s really not about whether you are beautiful or not it’s about what makes you feel beautiful and these are the moments that made me feel beautiful.


nothingprofound said...

You don't post much, but all your posts are very interesting to read. Personal, but also making an excellent point.

Ekta said...

Hey thanks so much. Good to know someone reads.


Hariharan Valady said...

Appreciation from strangers...yes, convincing and makes definitely a difference.

Ekta said...

Hariharan - Thanks for your comment. That was exactly my point that compliments from strangers are more credible

Shilpi Dutta said...

Feeling beautiful within, evokes that confidence. And if compliments accompany, definitely that boosts you. Liked ur sweet simple post

JK said...

The best compliment is something we get from absolute strangers..

when a compliment finds its target from a quarter least expected

why would the mind feel inexorably intoxicated?

Wwhy this mindless celebratory undulation

even if there is lingering doubt

that there might not be much

to attest to the adulation!

Does it make one...

hmm ..human???