April 5, 2009

Now I know what “Naughty” means

My 21 month old Neev is getting naughtier by the day. I always saw other naughty kids and thought their moms never disciplined them which is why they behave like this, my son will never behave like this, and he will be a productive child and not a destructive one. This was only till few days back. Neev is growing up to break my every plan of rules and regulation in my bringing up. Let me just cut the chase and come directly to the first two big mischiefs of Neev. Big only because they caused a damage to my already shrinking pocket.
About 15 days back, Neev threw his water bottle down the window from the 5th floor to hit to a windshield glass of my neighbors Innova car. This boy who otherwise refuses to bowl and always wants to bat suddenly felt like a bowler that moment. Damage= Rs.11000
Just last week Neev decided to swing on my washing machine door and broke it. I thought he spends enough time in the garden swinging on the rides but it probably wasn’t enough. Damage = Rs. 300 + a week of unwashed clothes
I fear to think what could be coming up next. I now take all possible precautions to ensure there is no more damage but my son doesn’t have to take much effort to surprise me these days. He is not even two but talks like a four year old. Every evening I come back from work to see some new words and concepts he has already learnt in a day. But this is fine and I actually feel happy to see him as an early learner but what I surely am not comfortable with is this restless, hyper active kid breaking things.

If my thoughts trigger a thought of your own, do write a comment, I will be happy to read.

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