September 28, 2008

First Picture

Feb 2007
This is when I had gone for my first 4-D sonography. These are the thoughts that had come to my mind then, when I saw my baby’s first pic, this is what I had captured in Feb 2007.

First picture…

Saw your first picture yesterday
No…saw a life within me yesterday

A life which will step into this world soon
Soon into this world full of sorrows and joys
World full of reality and dreams

But will I be able to help create your dreams?
What about my own dreams?
Will I have to forget my dreams to fulfill yours?
Don’t know…all I know is I saw a picture of you yesterday
The first picture of reality

Saw your first picture yesterday
No…saw a life within me yesterday

Your tiny feet, little hands, shut eyes
Are so pure and innocent that I fear
I fear that my love and care may not be enough
May not be enough to nurture you, to grow you
To a person you would want to be
Will I be to able create a picture of tomorrow as beautiful
As the first picture of yours I saw yesterday

Saw your first picture yesterday
No…saw a life within me yesterday.

Now my son is 15 months old. And trust me the reality is a lot more happier, naughtier than the pic :)) But what is still the same is that it still is a life within me...and will always be.

If my thoughts trigger a thought of your own, do post a comment. I love reading your comments.


Anonymous said...

The first u/s is always so magical. I never had a chance to do the fancy 3d/4d walas because my doc's office didnt have them.

I always had a few tears the first time I saw my baby on the machine, whether it was my 1st pregnancy or my 4th :)

PS:Hopped over from Anu's blog

Hemant said...

A heartily poem..coming from the heart of mother..

Seema said...

beautiful lines from a heart of the mother.....God bless him.

Kinara :) said...

I can imagine my mom's feelings here!
Touched. <3.

Ekta said...

@Hemant, Seema, Kinara, Thanks for stopping by and liking my post.

subhorup dasgupta said...

Very beautiful and touching lines, Ekta. All the best to you and your baby. DO take care.

Ekta said...

@Subhorup, Glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by