September 29, 2008

Changing point of views

In last few months, some very interesting things happened with some of the people around me.
1. A good friend of mine about a year back strongly thought that she would never have baby. I remember one afternoon, her words were –“having a baby is just not my scene. I am too selfish to look beyond me and care for someone else in a way that a mother has to. If I ever felt the need in life, I will adopt a baby at 40 etc etc etc”. This same very woman is today not just happily pregnant; but she is actually enjoying every bit of it.

2. Another friend of mine who always looked down upon other women who had extra-marital affairs or flings, she could give lectures on how unethical this is and how important loyalty is for her, is now falling for another guy. (I know this scoop sounds interesting but this post is not about that. More on this may be in some other post in future). The big thing is that she is no longer judgmental about other women.

3. My sister who just 6 months back before her marriage, used to never spend time with my mom, never really value her much, now post she has got married and moved away, gives me lectures about how important it is to give time to parents. She talks for hours with mom from London, another city, another country, more than she ever did when she was in the same city, same house as my mom.

4. This guy friend of mine who thought women get boring and uninteresting when they become a mom, now teases me as “yummy mummy”

All the above four are unrelated but there is still one common thing between all of them which is the changing point of views. It’s interesting how people with time, stages and circumstances change their point of views, sometimes for good, sometimes for bad. Actually there isn’t anything good-bad, or right-wrong about it, as it’s just one persons point of view. This got me thinking that however strong or rigid a person’s view may seem at a particular point in time, the reality is that, it is the view or the truth of just that point in time and not forever. How true is the famous quote that –change is the only constant in this world.


Rick said...

Our daughter, who as a youth, one times shouted that she hated us - gave us to biggest trouble, is now the one that calls the most and talks to her mother the most on the phone. Things do change. (She's also the one getting married in three days.)

Ekta said...

Hey Rick,

I guess every girl values her parents most during or post marriage.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Speak Ur Mind said...

My changed views...

Before marriage: I would never be a complaining daughter in law unlike other girls.

First two years of marriage: Why does my husband have to discuss every thing in life with his mom???

After becoming mom to a son and daughter: My mom in law has been a really nice mom and mom in law and above all a loving and caring grand ma to my son and daughter.I wish I become a mom in law like her.