September 28, 2008

An ordinary woman when in love!

Was just going through some of my old files and came across something that I had written many years back in year 2000. This is when things weren’t looking so rosy about my relationship with my boy friend then and now my husband.
Now that I read these thoughts, these words seem so honest and beautiful. It’s truly so beautiful to be in love, makes me want to fall in love again and yet again!

20 August, 2000
It’s so beautiful to fall in love with you,
But so painful to be away form u

I feel like hitting you and then cuddling innocently
I feel like annoying you and then pleasing lovingly
I feel like talking endlessly and admiring speechlessly
I feel like feeling you and then loving fearlessly
But for this I need you and not your thoughts within me

There is a desire to love the man who enhances the woman in me
There is a desire to be in the arms which handles the insecurity in me
These unfulfilled desires arouse a pain within me,
This pain makes the time to be moving slow
And the day I’ll be yours seems very far,
There is happiness and joy when I meet you,
But followed by fear and pain to part with you.

Our love makes others angry and then they fear
This makes me cry and you wipe my tear,
But I want them to know that we are not wrong,
Our love is not selfish but an unheard song,
When this song will be heard, its melody will spread,
Everybody will be happy and I’ll be in my wedding red,
The red will bring the pink and blue
Our love will be lovable by me and you.

If these thoughts on love trigger a thought of your own, do post a comment. I would love to read.

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