August 23, 2008

In my blooming pink hood!!

‘Pink is for girls and blue is for boys’ is something I heard all the time. My one year old son’s clothes, toys, room, everything is blue. But this is not about by son, it’s about me. It’s different when in childhood someone else makes you wear pink or blue; you at that point don’t realize colors. You do grow up subconsciously believing that pink is for girls and blue is for boys. My son will do the same. I did the same, grew up from pink frocks to pink ribbons to pink Barbie to pink tops to many more colors in teens. But this is not just wrapping your self with pink, this is about feeling pink. Though I did all the girly things in childhood & college. I played house-house, parlour-parlour, girly gossips, ribbons, floral skirts, soft toys, high-school dramas, Mills & Boons, love stories, American Pie, boy friends etc. But even then, I think I feel most girly or rather womanly now. I understand womanhood a lot better; I enjoy it to its fullest now. Have grown up from rather superficial but fun girly things to enjoying the real power of my feminity. I have experienced the most beautiful moment of any woman’s life when she becomes a mother. I enjoy every bit of growing up my son. I like the fact that even though my husband contributes as much as I do to manage the house, well almost as much, it’s still me who gets the ‘super woman’ status. I love to do things which bring a smile on the faces of my aging parents. I feel proud to finally see that pride in their eyes of having a daughter. Intelligence, looks, success give a different joy & confidence of being a woman now. I love all the unfair advantages as well. I like spending time with my girl friends. I enjoy sex and the city. I love filling this space with my thirty something thoughts. In this spirit, I truly feel pink now, just the shade of pink has got deeper, and it’s no longer Barbie pink. There is substance.
I don’t believe in chance hence incase if you haven’t already, please note the change of color of my blog.
If my thoughts trigger a thought of your own, do write a comment. I love to read your comments.

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hesitant wife said...

Hmmmm. I have never thought about this deeply but after reading your post, I have come to realize that I also do love pink. Yes, it is probably the way pink is associated to "girls and women". My blog's theme also has pink color.
I have always claimed thaT blue is my favorite color, but somehow, pink always turns out in one of my fave choices.

Happy blogging!