August 25, 2008

Was it my last or first holiday?

Last month I went for a holiday to Mauritius with my husband and our one year old son. This was my first proper long distance holiday ever since my son was born. But this holiday was quite different from all my last ones.

Earlier holiday meant lots of sex, this time there was hardly any sex since there was no nanny which meant our son was always with us.
Earlier holiday was about long meals & long chats. This time also it was about long meals but not for long chats but for my son’s long fussy slow eating & never without stories.
Earlier holiday, especially beach holidays, meant lots of adventure thrill & water sports. This time also there was lots of adventure but in the baby pool.
Earlier if the mornings began with afternoons & ended with late night clubbing, then this time the hungry howl kicked off the mornings and really hard & desperate attempts to make him sleep were the nights.
Lots of booze got replaced with more milk, sun-bathing got replaced with sand castles, groovy disco & rock music got flipped with ‘twinkle twinkle little star’, bungee jumping with jumping and just jumping all around.
Yes a lot of things changed, but it was still the most fulfilling time I had. All the things that I just cribbed about were actually lot of fun. They were all the things I did the first time or at least first time as an adult and that made it so much more exciting. I got to live my childhood again, actually I get to do that every time, every moment I spend with my son. Yeah it’s really time consuming to tell a story and make him eat his every meal. But I love those stories, I always did. They got new characters, concepts & dreams like Cinderella prince and my friendly neighbor hood Spider Man, in my life. I enjoyed the baby pool; it gave me a pool of joy splashing water in that 2-feet pool. A good, solid sand castle isn’t easy either to build and to then jump on it for kicks isn’t less fun. I enjoyed every bit of my time. All that I did was so much more satisfying compared to all that I couldn’t do this time. Well not sex but am sure we can make up for that. So though this may not be mean last of the earlier kinds of holidays, it surely wasn’t the last of my new kind of first holiday. I am so ready for the next one.

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That lady with 6 daughters said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time, and your son is adorable.