July 24, 2008

The generation 30 – Stuck in between

Thirty something’s is a weird stage in life. I am thirty and don’t know what am I suppose to be, how am I suppose to behave- energetic, vibrant youth types full of spontaneity or sensible adult kinds full of maturity. I am too old to wear fancy skirts, funky t-shirts, bright hair clips, pink hand bags but also too young to be able to carry off a business suit or a formal sari. So I settle with denims and t-shirts- an in-between safe option.
I have enough money to buy comfortable apartment, designer clothes, drinks & dinners but that’s about it, just enough to happily live life but not more than enough to have fat investments or to play the multiplier game, again an in-between state so here is the in-between solution, I let go some indulgences and save a little for those just enough investments.
I feel too old to hip-hop, but still enjoy grooving & dancing always looking for the right in-between places. Too old to have crushes and infatuations, but still understanding the concept of love.
To keep up to this phenomenon of life, I am middle management in office, neither executer nor decision maker, aptly in-between.
But like most things in life there is a brighter side of this in-between state as well; it allows me to live either side of 30 at my convenience. So I safely get away with fancy skirt moods at time and at the same time can confidently carry off authority dressing when required. I can delegate leg-work and yet don’t have the full responsibility of taking big decisions, I am getting there. So I get to enjoy positives of both sides as per whims and fancies. It’s not like tween age when you want to be a teen but are treated as a kid, this one is better because you can be what you want to be. Also like many people say age is a state of mind; it’s just that at 30 this state of mind fluctuates every day.


sam relan said...

Well I haven't experienced being 30 yet, still have another 6 years. I must say, I am scared being 30, being called as UNCLE instead of BHAIYA by the kids, being called BHAISAHAB instead of BETA by elders.
Not being old enough to discuss about being 30, I would like to share something about blogging over here. A well written post I must say. Good job done.
Here are a few tips from my side :) Firstly have the labels and the title of the blog post as something one might search for, while wanting to read about it. If you do not want it to be a personal space and want to share some experiences, reach out to the people as what they want. Share ur experiences, but in a way people want. Like "Problems at 30" or "Being 30 years old" or something like that. This would make it more search engine friendly and people would be able to locate your blog through them.
Then, have a feed burner setup. This will help people to subscribe to the blog posts directly to their email addresses. This would help as well :)
Lastly, be regular, and follow the comments. Always good for a user to get a reply to a comment from the author.
Lemme know if I can help you somehow :)
Sam Relan

Ekta said...

Hey you are the first person to visit and first to comment on my first blog...too many firsts and hence special :)
Thanks for your tips, very useful.
And all your fears are valid- been there, know it how it feels. But don't you worry, in no time from uncle, you graduate to targetbeing 'hot uncle' and that will be a different kick :)

sam relan said...

Well, Thanks for the first reply. *SPECIAL*
More tips: You can also send your friends an email about your blog :)
Register on http://technorati.com/ , that would help as well. Technorati is the recognized authority on what's happening on the World Live Web, right now. So it becomes important to be listed there.