July 21, 2008

Thirty- A milestone birthday!

This April i had my 30th birthday, the birthday that I have been dreading ever since I was 25. Ever since I was 25, came this fear that the best days of my life are going to be soon over, that I am soon going to be 30 which will onset mid age and then that’s it. I will begin to gradually move from being this happening youth to this maturing, sensible, responsible, boring woman.
But when I actually reached closer to this milestone age of 30, I realized that actually it's not so bad, that actually it’s not bad at all, and that actually my best days have just begun. Honestly I am 30 and I feel I am living the best days of my life.
Financially - I am independent, doing well for my self, so finally have the money to enjoy life and don't have to worry about month ends
Professionally - I now vaguely know what I want, what's my chase and am showing signs to make it decent in life.
Physically - I look my best, am actually more attractive than I ever was coz I finally now know how to carry myself and what looks best on me.
I am experienced in many facets of life to overcome curiosity and begin experimentation, thrill and enjoyment, more confident. So in sum I already have many things that I desired or dreamt of ten years back and at the same time, yet have many unfulfilled dreams to keep life exciting. So this is the best time of my life and I will make the fullest of these hey years of thirty something’s!!


Rajesh said...

You just got it right. Also remember you are as old as you think you are. Just enjoy the moment even forty somethings are special. After that I don't know.

Ekta said...

Thanks for your comment. I agree age is in your mind but you realise it only when you cross the first milestone mark. Also every age has it's own joys. Life is to enjoy every moment irrespective of what age.
Cheers! EKTA

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