April 5, 2012

Louis Vuitton

I grew up in 80’s & early 90’s when brands really hadn’t invaded Indian markets. It was just few brands with a very global appeal that had begun to get recognized and had become symbols of aspiration. Thanks to chic flick Hollywood movies and international shows, Louis Vuitton was one of those brands, which were a big aspiration since teens for me. In my initial struggle days at the beginning of my career, I often thought of when and where I will buy my first LV bag. For a woman it is like a milestone in life. We all know it’s the same print cut into different sizes and shapes but owning one LV still felt like I have reached a place in life. It’s like gold in India which is expensive but every Indian woman has at least one piece of gold jewelry.  
But here comes the anti-climax. I moved to Singapore about a year back and decided to finally buy the LV bag. I was looking forward for the moment. But in my first month in Singapore itself I saw every second person in the bus, on the road, in office, in the pub carrying a LV bag. I don’t mean to be offensive but even the secretary in my office has an LV bag. It really doesn’t matter whether all of them were originals or not, the reality was that everyone could have one in Singapore. Now isn’t this an anti-climax because what I thought only the rare & few deserving women like me would have didn’t feel like the prize of the price anymore. LV isn’t cheaper here but somehow every woman has saved money to be able to get at least one LV bag, again just like gold in India. It suddenly made something extraordinary so ordinary. But this is more an Asia phenomenon. I read somewhere that LV makes more money in Asia than any other region. The queue outside the LV store at Orchard road explains it. What’s the kick if you have to stand in the queue even in spite of spending two thousand dollars. Now I no longer want to buy a LV bag as I have realized it’s a trap not worth it. LV marketing team I hope you realize the potential imagery issue and the need to fix it. You need to figure out a way to sell your volumes by still keeping your premium, luxury imagery alive, the image that was my teenage aspiration.

If my thoughts trigger a thought of your own, do leave a comment. I love reading them.


Hels said...

I thought I was the only one interested in Louis Vuitton history. Then I found On Line Travel France, and now I found your post.

It is just one company, but people find the brand to be seductive, just as you noted. Good on you :)

shooting star said...

I have fascination for specific items which can be high street or high end!!....rather than brand!!!


Ekta said...

@Hels, Agree the brand is rich in history.

@Shooting Star, I know the ultimate aspiration is to feel high end.

Thanks both for stopping by

Pzes said...

I think so much like you! I want that LV bag and Choos too! :) Someday!

Bambi said...

hi ekta :) i agree with not owning LV since every second person is carrying one :)

but if you do want a high end hand bag pls look at the brand 'Bottega Veneta' its different :) and the best part is those who know it will appreciate it as they don't even have a logo or a brand name on it :)

It's the next purchase i want even if its just a wallet :)

cheers :)

Ekta said...

@Pzes, Thanks for stopping by. Hope you get your LV, Choos and many more :)

Ekta said...

@Bambi, Will definitely check out Bottega Veneta. It already seems interesting to me.