October 21, 2011

The girl in the bar

I have grown up watching a lot of Hollywood movies. One scene that is quite common in multiple movies is this girl coming alone, in her little black dress, to a bar and ordering a drink. More often than not she orders for either vodka-tonic on gin-tonic. And here comes this hot looking young dude hitting on her. Now that is my fantasy to be this girl in the bar. I have never been to a bar alone. I have always had friends or boy friend or husband some one always with me. So I wonder sometimes how it feels to wear that black sexy dress and sit on that bar stool and be hit by a hot looking stranger. Now whether I accept that strangers offer or not would depend on multiple things but that’s not the point. This isn’t one of those unattainable fantasies, it is quite doable. I just need to find the right night for it, hopefully soon. Now to some this may seem like it’s only loosers who do this or want to be alone but to me it’s fascinating because sometimes all you need is to look good, get drunk and talk silly and that’s best when it’s a stranger not judging you.
It’s interesting how some of the images that we watch multiple times become our real life fantasies.


Nasir said...

Fantasies are always weird :)

Keep Blogging!

film gratis said...

i love the girl :)

JK said...

So..Did you do it? :)